Sussex Towns where you can enjoy a day out with the Kids: Lewes

Kids in Lewes, Sussex


Sussex Towns where you can enjoy a day out with the Kids: Lewes

At first sight, it may seem that there is little happening in Lewes, especially for the kids. But this charming town in the heart of rural Sussex has plenty to offer for every age, and all that is required is a bit of exploration. Fortunately the town is not too big, even for little legs, and can be explored with ease.
Here are a few of the top attractions and events in Lewes which are sure to keep the kids entertained:

Lewes Castle

Sitting proudly on top of a chalk hill overlooking the town, Lewes castle is an impressive attraction. Not only is this castle pleasant to look at from the outside, it is also well maintained within. So much so in fact that recently, the castle has become a popular venue for children’s parties. The castle is also attached to Barbican house, which contains an archaeological museum and a small cinema explaining the history of the town and the castle. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be screening the latest Postman Pat movie.

Pells pool

Pells pool is an outdoor pool which is perfect for those lazy summer days. As the oldest outdoor public pool in the UK, it is steeped in history and tradition, which makes it a firm favourite among the locals. Thousands of people flood to this local treasure every summer, so it might be wise to invest in a season ticket to avoid the crowds. Paddling pools, grassy patches and snack kiosks make this the perfect place to take the kids on a hot day.

Lewes Bonfire Night

Considered one of the most impressive bonfire celebrations in the country, the annual Lewes bonfire attracts masses of people every year. The impressive display includes fireworks and blazing fires, which require huge amounts of planning and preparation to be executed perfectly. Kids will enjoy seeing Lewes suddenly transform from a peaceful rural place into a smoky red town. Of course, this only takes place on the 5th of November, and the need to book tickets for the main bonfire well in advance shows just how popular this event is.

Don’t be fooled by it’s small size; Lewes is a great place to take the kids, without the stress of a being in a busy city. You will always enjoy a day out with kids in Lewes.

Know a great place for kids in Lewes? Please add your recommendations in the comments below.

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Sussex Towns where you can enjoy a day out with the Kids: Lewes, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
June 15, 2015


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