Shaving Foam Painting

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This crafty treat is a lot of fun and looks very effective once dried! You can use any colours you like and make any shapes you fancy – perhaps some pink and purple hearts, rainbow coloured star, a gold and silver flower or a yellow and orange sunshine! You could create a child’s cot mobile or decorations to hang down from the ceiling in their room or from a tree branch in the garden to create a magical wonderland for fun imagination games. This activity is great for sunny or rainy days and the results can be used both in and outside the house.

Idea: Why not take the shapes to the park and hang them from a tree with string or ribbon and enjoy a picnic under your home made decorations!
You will need:

– A tray with sides

– 3 or 4 acrylic paints colours of your choice

– Shaving foam

– White card cut into any shape and size you like.

– Extra: A paint brush

Swirly Shaving Foam Fun

Kids arts & Crafts Shaving foam painting

Kids arts & Crafts Shaving foam painting


Start out by squirting plenty of foam to cover the base of the tray.

Next, squirt the paint liberally on top of the shaving foam. Take your finger or the wooden end of a paint brush and start to mix up the colours into the foam to make patterns. You can keep mixing until you are happy with the result but generally it works best once the paints have created a marble like effect.

Take your pre cut out card shape(s) and press into the top of the foam.

Remove and leave it to dry.

Repeat the process as many times you want with as many shapes and colours as you fancy!

Once dried the beautiful pattens will be left on the card and you can start hanging them and creating your magical play lands.

Happy Crafting!

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January 23, 2015


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