Ideas to get the kids eating veg!

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Ideas to get the kids eating vegetables

We should feel sorry for vegetables…the recent surge of smoothie companies and fruit-based snacks shows that it’s easy to make fruit fly off the shelves. But vegetables now seem a bit like fruit’s uncool cousin. Not as sweet, less exotic and much less colourful, it has become especially hard getting kids interested in their veggies. Fortunately, there are many ways to restore their street cred; all that’s required is a touch of imagination. Here are 3 top tips for making vegetables the star of the dinner table:

Put them in smoothies

Back in the days when tomatoes were considered part of the vegetable family, it wasn’t hard to find a sweet, delicious veggie that could be enjoyed either savoury or sweet. But since the fruit family snatched their red friend back, vegetables have only been associated with bland, boring flavours. One way to sneak vegetables into your child’s diet and to make them sweet is to add them to fruit smoothies. Not only will they get the nutritional benefits of both food sources, but certain vegetables such as beetroot and carrot can add vibrant colours.

Serve them raw

When faced with the task of feeding their children vegetables, most parents choose to cook them, and serve them with dinner on the side of the plate. Cooking can often suck out the interesting aspects of vegetables, such as the texture, the colour and the crunch. Children like to experience their food in more way than one, so serving raw vegetables as a snack in between meals can often be the answer to pleasing all five of their senses.

Use healthy dips

Another great idea is to try making your own dips, as the ones from the shops can often be quite expensive and full of unnecessary additives. Serve with vegetables such as celery sticks and carrots, even the most flavourless vegetables can be transformed into delicious snacks this way. Hummus, cream cheese and salsa are all good dips to have with vegetables. Just be sure to So, there we have 3 useful tips for getting the little ones kids to enjoy vegetables. These tips will hopefully help you overcome the inevitable barriers you will face when putting greens on their plates. Remember, no matter how tempting it is, don’t force veggies on the kids you’ll have to be more creative or you may create a lifetime aversion.

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May 31, 2015


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