Amberley Museum – Sussex

Amberley Museum

Amberley Museum is very unusual and interesting day out. Nestled in the Sussex countryside it’s jammed with eclectic and wonderfully English exhibits and features. It really is a lovely day out for the family and it would be a real challenge to not find something fascinating and memorable amongst its many items.

Highlights of our visit included a ride on the narrow gauge railway and the vintage bus which will both take you to different ends of the site which is very large. There are a variety of exhibit buildings and live crafting displays like the blacksmith going on. The cafeteria is modern and seems well organised although we were picnicking on our visit so we didn’t use it. It was slightly disturbing as a dad to see all the “tech” products from my youth in the “ancient communication equipment” display hall. Referring of course to things like video and audio cassettes vinyl record and players as well as radios that had tuning knobs! none of it seems that long ago but my own father probably used to say that about gramophones and 78 rpm records that shattered when dropped.

All in all Amberley Museum is a great place for all the family to visit and well with additional trips as its unlikely you could see and appreciate everything that’s there in one visit.They also run regular events which add an additional level of activity and interest. For me Amberley castle is quintessentially English and the perfect place to celebrate and experience the uniqueness of our Heritage.

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October 17, 2013


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