About Us

Welcome to SussexforKids!

Join in our fantastic community of families with children in Sussex.

We’re all about things to do for families with kids in Sussex, we’re making it our job to ensure that parents can always find out what’s going on and never run short of ideas for family fun and activities in Sussex.

We talk about all sorts of things in our social media communities from education to seasonal events and topical family news that affects us.

Our aim is to keep developing SussexforKids making it better and better and as we get more and more support from our promotional partners we’ll be rolling out plenty of new useful and fun packed content.

There’s already loads going on for parents who can:

Like us on facebook and hear about events and places to go in Sussex.

Follow us on Twitter for news and info about things going on for kids in Sussex.

Follow us on Pinterest to share pictures and ideas for parties, craft activities, great places to go and see and more in Sussex.

On our website you can read blog articles, find great and interesting places to go by theme or town and also get up to date on loads of great events.

If you run a family orientated business in Sussex and want to get involved with SussexforKids.co.uk then click our partners link and get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

James Macdonald


SussexforKids is run by Spiritas Limited ~ Marketing, Websites, Media, Seo & Social, Online Advertising ~ 01293 406000


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